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Posted by Michelle C Myers on Wednesday, April 6, 2011
Yesterday I finally decided to harness the power of Facebook.  I've been needing a better method of getting the word out, but with all the possible avenues to try, I wasn't sure which would be the most effective.  After looking at all the ridiculous things that have pages and get "Likes" on Facebook, I thought surely I could figure that out and get some benefit from creating a page for my tutoring. 

I created a page specificly for advertising my tutoring services.  I named it "Hattiesburg Tutor:  Math and ACT Prep with Michelle Myers".  I added a poll on the page asking what is your highest ACT score.  I posted where I'm working currently and plan to use the page to update potential students on what I'm doing.  I'm fairly new at this, but I thought it turned out well.  Thanks to my incredibly supportive husband, the page already has 3 people who have "Liked" it. 

You can help me get the word out by searching for my page on Facebook and "Liking" it too.

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