Michelle C Myers

XXX Kings Cross Way                                                                                 Raleigh, NC

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Instructor position in an educational or business-related field that utilizes my creativity and ingenuity, my extensive math tutoring expertise, and my communication, problem solving, and people skills to improve subject matter comprehension within an organization.

Experience Highlights

Math Tutor

Ø  Math instructor for Dr. Frances A. Karnes Summer Program for Academically Talented Youth, a three-week intensive math program for July 2011-2016. I was also a student of geometry, and later as a residence counselor in 2004 and again in 2011.

Ø  5th grade in-class tutor, Wilburn Elementary, Wake County Schools, Raleigh, NC

Ø  Private tutor specializing in math and ACT prep for adults and children.  A variety of students from different ages and subject areas keep my skills fresh.

Ø  Tutor student athletes in college-level math courses, including MAT 99, MAT 100, and MAT 101 with amazing success.  Students remark my explanations are clearer and superior to those given by the course instructor.

Ø  Tutored math, both formally and informally, since high school.

Certified Teacher

Ø  Taught 8th grade pre-algebra and 7th grade math at a low-income public school.  Prefer smaller groups or one-on-one instruction.  Utilized technology and 3D props to conceptualize abstract math concepts.

Ø  Taught 6th grade science with an emphasis on hands-on activities that promoted team building and enhanced individual students’ natural strengths.

Ø  Certified to teach 4th-8th grades; anticipate adding math k-12 as an endorsement


William Carey University, Hattiesburg, MS

Alternative Route Teaching Program

Praxis I:  185 Reading, 186 Mathematics

Praxis II:  Elementary Ed. Content Knowledge 179 of 200

Certified: 117 Elem. Ed. (4-8) until 6/30/2012


The University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Emphasis: Entrepreneurship

Graduated Magna cum Laude

GPA: 3.55/4.0 Scale


British Studies Program, Business, summer of 2005

     -Traveled to London, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, and Brussels                                                      



Ø  Outstanding academic career to include: graduation from MSMS (Mississippi School for Math and Science) in Columbus, MS, being awarded the Presidential Scholarship (prestigious full-tuition scholarship) at Southern Miss in 2002, and graduating Magna cum Laude from Honors College.

Ø  Sylvan After-School reading program tutor Fall 2011 in Raleigh, NC


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